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Service repair in an hour

At STS, your time matters! In our repair service, over 90% of the customers leave with their repaired device in less than an hour, through the Service repair in an hour* option. In case our it is estimated that the repair could take more than an hour, our specialist will provide the time needed for the repair, depending on the result of the diagnosis.

Collected, repaired and returned!

We always meet our client’s needs, in the most literal sense possible. With the Collected – Repaired – Returned service, you don’t even have to drive to the repair service. Send your faulty device through the Swiss Post postal service and upon delivery it will be received by one of our operators. We repair it at the service and then it is returned to your home. No effort on your behalf, not even a minute spent in the service, possible with the help of a wise choice: the STS repair service.

STS Shop

The products provided in our shop include the entire array of recommended accessories, appreciated by electronics specialists from all around the world. We’ll be waiting for you in the STS Shop!

For companies

If your company is in need of assistance and service for its electronic devices, you will discover that the STS services meet any type of request. We provide technical expertise and full service for companies, such as pre-sale or post-sale service, maintenance, technical expertise, diagnosis and emergency repairs, basically all of the necessary technical support you need so that your business can be 100% covered, from a technical point of view. Our experience and honesty are made available for your business’ needs.

Customer support

The first step to accessing our services is to contact us. If your electronic device has broken down, send an e-mail at and you will be connected to one of our operators. Depending on the flaw of the device and your preferences, the operator will offer you support. By contacting us, you will discover the professionalism and experience of our operators.